April 2021 Forecast

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Hey my cosmic babes — I hope that this Aries Season has been treating you kindly. For the first half of April we will still be partying with good ole Aries — this energy will zip on by though. During the first half of the month we might (if not already) be feeling a bit more inspired, energized, and maybe ready to tackle a bunch of new things. The good thing is — the first half of April is filled with some action packed energy. We then enter Taurus Season and will quickly shift into a more grounding type energy, and slower filled pace. So you know all those things you started during Aries Season? Well, you’ll really get to focus on them during Taurus Season. We also have our first Full Super Moon of the year AND Pluto will go Retrograde at the end of the month.

So lets get to it…

April 3rd — Mercury enters Aries @ 11:41 pm EST: Mercury, the planet of communication enters Aries this evening. Communication for the next few weeks might be a bit fiery — think reactive, quick, harsh, and blunt. Our words can hold a lot of power. So be careful with how you communicate and / or share things. Also, try to be a bit more mindful to not come across too harshly. Speak to others in the same manner / way you’d want others to speak to you. Arguments are likely but can be diffused if we can step out of ourselves and find a way to be clearer / mindful.

April 4th — 44 day: Today is the 4th day of the 4th month — this is equaled out to 44. In numerology the number 44 symbolizes wholeness, stability, inner wisdom, healing (known as “the master healer”), authenticity.

April 6th — Sun Conjunct Ceres: Ceres (an asteroid) is known for fertility, reproduction, parenting, abundance, nourishment, and femininity. when the sun sits next to another planet and / or asteroid it acts as a flashlight aka: amplifying everything around it. So during this time we might feel a deeper level of feminine energy. This is also a good time to get creative, spice up your self-care routine, find new ways to nourish yourself and others. Where do you feel abundant in your life? Where in your life needs a little bit more nourishment and care?

April 9th — Mars in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces + Mercury Conjunct Chiron in Aries: Today's energy might be a little low with Mars Square Neptune. Hold space for yourself + others today. As a collective, we are all going to feel things surfacing up + draining our energy (feeling tired). Sction sign Aries will also be Conjunct to Mercury — we're going to want to take steps / actions towards our healing. Communicating Mercury reminds us to give ourselves space + encouragement to speak out on our pain and hurt. Talking about these things can be therapeutic and helpful for everyone.

April 10th — Mercury in Aries Sextile Saturn in Aquarius + Venus in Aries Sextile Jupiter in Aquarius: With this Mercury + Saturn aspect today — this will be a good time get our thoughts (Mercury) together and set some foundations / goals (Saturn). So sit down today to write things / goals down you want to manifest into fruition. Today is also lovely with Venus Sextile Jupiter, too. Jupiter will be expanding our hearts (Venus) and will have us feeling extra lovey.

April 11th — New Moon in Aries: Our first New Moon of the Astrological year. New Moons are a good time to plant new seeds, ideas, goals and since our first New Moon in the Astrological year is Aries —it will be action packed. Aries are courageous, bold, energetic, and driven. We will also be working with a stellium in Aries this New Moon — use this action packed stellium to get the things that need to be done…done. We will also still be working with the Mercury Sextile Saturn and Venus Sextile Jupiter aspects / energy. There's also the sun and moon sextile Mars during this time. Mars is a very action packed planet — he will be pushing us forward to follow our passions or things that drive us. Even though we will be playing with a lot of fiery energy, Pluto in Capricorn will square this Aries stellium. It might feel a little heavy days before, during, and after the New Moon but allow Pluto's energy to transform you and heal anything that may surface during this New Moon.

April 13th — Sun in Aries Sextile Mars in Gemini: The sun and mars meeting in a sextile makes the energy around us a bit more dynamic — unstoppable. Stay focus, put in the work, and stay driven. This energy is here to remind us that we can do anything + everything.

April 14th — Venus enters Taurus: Venus enters Taurus today at 2:21pm EST. Venus is going to feel at home for the next four weeks. We're going to feel equal parts femininity and grounding. Venus will also bring us luxuriousness, financial security, and romance. This is a good time to get creative, practice some self-care, by that nice thing you have been eyeing, and indulging a bit. Just be careful to not over do it.

April 15th — Sun in Aries Sextile Jupiter in Aquarius: This is a lucky transit — the Sun and Jupiter meet, and this is a good time to allow the brightness of the Sun to shine on jupiter's ability to expand and push us to own our truth + light.

April 16th — Sun in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn: This aspect will feel very heavy / potent today. Remember all that stuff that might have been brought up to the surface during the New Moon in Aries? Well, here it is. Are you questioning your worth? Is there someone being confrontational, undermining, disrespectful? There might be some form of power struggle, but this is where we need to stand our ground and show others (and ourselves) our strength. This is a speed bump (don’t be afraid) and it’s meant to help us grow / transform.

April 18th — Sun Conjunct Mercury in Aries: The Sun is sitting right next to Mercury now, shining it’s bright light next to a commutative planet. Communication today is going to be bold, fast, and fiery. Find different ways to communicate your thoughts + feelings today — maybe write a letter to someone (or yourself), call an old friend up, write up an email. Take action today.

April 19th — Sun enters Taurus (Taurus Season): The Sun enters Taurus at 4:33pm EST today. Aries Season has had us on the “go go go” for the past few weeks and now we can finally slow down a bit and find some footing in this earthy sign. Taurus' energy is a bit more practical, productive, and more stable. This season will allow us to set firmer goals and lay out a stronger foundation on the new goals we may have set during the fast pace Aries Season. We can focus. We can be productive. We can manifest.

April 19th — Mercury enters Taurus: Mercury also enters Taurus at 6:29am — our thoughts won’t be as fast or impulsive like they were during Aries Season. We might be a bit more reserved with our thoughts and what we share with others — that’s okay. Allow yourself some space to explore your thoughts.

April 20th — Venus in Taurus Conjuncts Uranus in Taurus: Uranus, the planet of change + revolution, is in Taurus right now. Today we might feel uneasy or restless in relationships with others, or even ourselves. Uranus might be nudging us to change things up in order to heal or patch things up with someone, or with yourself. It’s always good to check in with our relationship with ourselves and others. this is a good time, and we’ll feel that.

April 23rd — Mars enters Cancer: OOF — moody, highly sensitive, and irritable. Mars does not like being in Cancer and we’re going to feel that. Mars is impulsive and Cancer is sensitive + feels deeply. Be careful to not be too reactive or impulsive with our thoughts + feelings. Finding ways to direct those emotions might / will be helpful — maybe doing something creative or productive during the next few weeks.

April 26 + 27 — Super Full Moon in Scorpio: This is the first Super Full Moon of the year. This is a very powerful day for transformation, cleansing, and being restorative. Uranus will also be very active during this Full Moon — this may cause sudden shifts + changes. This Super Moon will bring on some very deeply cleansing and clearing energy for us. In fact, we might feel very sensitive around this time. Allow yourself to feel during this Full Moon. Allow this Full Moon + Uranus energy to shift whatever needs to move around or bubble up to the surface. Try not to avoid but meet whatever needs healing with grace and a place of holding space.

April 27th — Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: * i will have more info on pluto retrograde the closer we get to this date. * It’s been awhile — we haven’t had a planet go retrograde in a good while and he’s here ready to shift + transform us. Pluto is already a very slow planet to begin with, but this retrograde is just going to S L O W it down even more for the next 5 months. Forcing us to go inward (retrogrades are a good time to go inward) to revisit everything we have learned the past few months.

April 30th — Sun Conjunct Uranus: The Sun shines its light on Uranus today — major shifts + energy will be felt strongly and deeply today. We might also be greeted with change and some “ah ha” moments. Uranus is the planet of revolution, innovation, and change. and Taurus is a more practical sign. So we might be questioning ourselves about what serves us and / or what no longer serves us. If it is not meeting our higher good / self — then bye.

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