August Astro Forecast

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This month of August is filled with a lot of supportive energy, a lot of opportunity to find alignment with yourself and others around you, and the most perfect time to set some really good intentions + manifestations. 
Not only do we still have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Retrograde -- the planet Uranus will be added to the Retrograde list mid month. 
We also get to work with the Lionsgate Portal + the New Moon in Leo energy, and met with our second Full Moon in Aquarius about mid month. 
We might have pockets of dips this month, but we are equally met with some really beautiful energetic transits. 
August 3rd -- Venus trines Uranus: Such a beautiful alignment to experience. This energy will bring in beautiful connections between any relationship you have. 
August 6th -- Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus: This energetic transit will feel heavy and uneasy. You might receive some news you may not want to hear about. Uranus might cause some unpredictable situations. 
August 8th -- New Moon in Leo + Lionsgate 88 Portal: This is the most beautiful energy to deal with this month -- a time for manifestation + setting new yummy intentions. Dream big. Take time with setting your intentions and most importantly, be intentional about them. 
We are also working with Lionsgate Portal today -- this is activated by the star, Sirius and the sun, Leo. This is an alignment between Earth and Sirius. Be careful with what you wish for -- make sure it is something your heart truly desires + is connected to your higher self. We are also working with Uranus, the planet of (abrupt) change -- so we are getting an extra nudge to look at things in a different light. 
August 9th -- Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune RX in Pisces: We might feel clouded and confused today with ourselves and / or relationships. 
August 11th -- Mercury enters Virgo: Mercury is snuggled up in its home, Virgo. Mercury is exalted here. We are going to get to the bottom of things and communicate in a very reliable and organized way. 
August 16th -- Venus enters Libra: Venus, the planet of love moves into one of its ruling signs. This Venus in Libra energy will bring us harmony and peace. 
August 19th -- Uranus Retrograde: Uranus will enter Retrograde in Taurus for the next 5 months. This is a good time to take a pause and reflect on issues we are passionate and / or concerned about. With Uranus being in Taurus, we could be more hyper-focused on things that involve certain humanitarian issues, possibly where we get our food supply, detaching from old structures. 
August 22nd -- Full Moon in Aquarius: This is our second Full Moon in Aquarius. This Full Moon in Aquarius is deeply connected to the first one we experienced -- we are being asked to put action behind our intentions or thoughts we had connected to the first Full Moon. We are also working with Jupiters energy. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and abundance. Today's energy will / could feel expansive for us. 
August 22nd -- Sun enters Virgo: The sun enters earthy and analytical Virgo today. The energy for the next 4 weeks will feel personal; connecting with ourselves, focusing on our health, our routines, and what helps us thrive. We are focusing on connecting with our higher selves -- our best selves. 
August 23rd -- Venus in Libra trines Saturn in Aquarius: Another good energy to work with -- we are going to feel extra social and possibly develop healthy bonds with friends, relationships, or any sort of partnership that matters to you. 
August 30th -- Mercury enters Libra: Not only will communication be filled with diplomacy, curiosity, and patience -- Mercury will enter Retrograde in Libra around September 27th. 
~ Sybianna
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