December Astro Report

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The sun has shifted into Sagittarius -- the truthseeker, the traveler, the free spirited. Our energy may feel expansive and renewed during this time. In the middle of the month the sun will enter hardworking + fatherly Capricorn. 
During this month we will experience our last eclipse, Venus will enter retrograde, a New Moon, and Full Moon. 
December 1st -- Neptune goes direct: Neptune has been retrograde since June 25th and today it will finally go direct. We may feel this feeling of fog or a veil being pulled away from our eyes. We might find some answers that have been clouded during these months. 
December 3rd -- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: One of the main characters for Sag season -- we will see all the fruits of our labor, and all the seeds we planted during Gemini season will make their appearance. All that hard work. 
December 6th -- Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn: A "boom" type of energy -- Mars, action packed + Pluto, transformation = a time to lean into taking actions that will help you transform and grow in ways that are unimaginable. Use this energy. 
December 7th -- Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: take a breather during this time and relax -- lean into your intuition and try not to second guess yourself if you feel like something or someone is off today. Things might seem cloudy.
December 11th -- Venus conjunct Pluto: this energy will open up conversations around what is important to us in our relationships and our relationship with money. 
December 13th -- Mars enters Sagittarius: action behind our drive to explore, learn, find and explore the truths of the world will be high for a few weeks. So much action behind our passion. Just be careful to not be too impulsive. 
December 13th -- Mercury enters Capricorn: communication will be serious and to the point -- thing very "business like" conversations / energy for the next few weeks. 
December 18th -- Full Moon in Gemini: Full moons are a time to release and Gemini (ruled by Mercury) rules our minds, communication, small travels, siblings. What is blocking your thoughts? What can be released that has hindered you from moving forward, connection, or communicating? Jupiter, the leading planet for this Full Moon, asks us to expand and jump fully in with our thoughts and dreams. 
December 19th -- Venus Retrograde: Venus will retrograde in Capricorn until January 29th 2022. Retrogrades are all about going within and really taking the time to reevaluate our thoughts, actions, themes. Venus, the planet of love, values, money, romance will retrograde in Capricorn energy (hardworking, boundary setting, determined, leadership, grounded). This time may feel hard and muddy, but allow yourself to feel and hit things head on. Relationships will be challenged, reevaluation around things you value and money. 
December 21st -- Sun enters Capricorn: Winter is coming -- Winter Solstice. Today will be the shortest day of the year, but the sun enters Capricorn. We will feel the energy of wanting and needing to stand in our power, focus on our careers and goals, honor traditions, and feel out more of a structured life. Lean into this forceful energy.
December 24th -- Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus: some big things might pop around this time -- there might be some big changes. Take some time and make sure to not react impulsively to these opportunities; big changes. 
December 28th -- Jupiter enters Pisces: In traditional astrology, Jupiter rules over Pisces. So Jupiter feels at home right now. Jupiter is all about expansion and luck and it's entering the dreamy, intuitive, compassionate Pisces. So much tenderness, acts of service, and compassionate energy will be felt around this time. 
December 30th -- Mercury in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn: we are almost there y'all -- "Happy New Year." This transit is perfect for closing out 2021. This transit wants us to have those deep, maybe hard, and transformative conversations with ourselves and with those who are important to us. Get to the root of your needs, your wants, your goals. Close out 2021 with writing down your goals and resolutions on this day. 

- Sybianna Miller
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