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December 1st: 
MERCURY ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ~ mercury: the planet of communication: how we digest information + how we communicate. sagittarius: All things free-spirited, open-minded, wide open, philosophical, and optimistic. When mercury enters sagittarius we can expect higher knowledge, more focus on personal philosophy, communication to be brighter + optimistic. 
December 14th:
NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS + SOLAR ECLIPSE ~ a total solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will occur at the south node in sagittarius. The south node represents what we are leaving behind as a society (low vibration). This new moon + solar eclipse will be asking us to leave what is no longer serving us while also pushing us to open up to the things that will lead us to our full potential personally + as a society. Sagittarius is philosophical; allow this fiery energy to open your mind and embrace learning things that are new, different, and push the boundaries. 
As a collective, we will be feeling the energy and shift of the nodes. We also have our personal nodes *(if you would like to find this out -- you can reach out to me via Instagram @cosmicsyb)* our north node shows us where we are headed + the lessons we are needing to learn while on earth-side. if you know your north node, examine what sagittarian low vibration energy you can let go. 
This is the last new moon + solar eclipse of 2020. what are some things you can envision for 2021? this cosmic energy is powerful right now -- use it. Shed what no longer serves you and push yourself to step out of your comfort zone to try the things you never thought you'd ever consider. 
Decemeber 20th:
Mercury enters Capricorn ~ mercury: The planet of communication: how we digest information + how we communicate. Capricorn: loyal, hardworking, structure, long-term plans, goals (business + career). Communication will be serious and practical. what are ways you can communicate with yourself that need more structure + discipline in your life? 
December 21st:
Sun enters Capricorn + Saturn Conjuncts Jupiter (the great conjunction) + New Age in Aquarius + Winter Solstice: Capricorn season! 
Saturn conjuncts Jupiter -- the great conjunction. Since the early 1800's, the great conjunction has been in all earth signs (except for 1981 when it was in all air signs). Saturn: the planet of structure, organization, rules. Jupiter: the planet of expansion, laws, financial system. This great conjunction will be entering air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra. For years the great conjunction has been in earth signs which supported capitalism heavily. With this new shift into all air signs, we could possibly see a break / ending of capitalism. We will officially be entering in the new age of Aquarius. Aquarius is innovative, pushes for change, revolutionary, pushes the boundaries in technology, collective well-beings + thoughts, and collective + personal growth. This great conjunction will catapult us into some really great advancements such as medicine and technology. 2020 gave us a peek inside of what it's like to focus on important humanitarian issues -- the new age in Aquarius will really unfold and unpack everything of importance that surrounds important issues. 
Our minds will be opening + expanding (Jupiter) while also giving us structure (Saturn) to put things into place. This is such good cosmic energy to set some intentions around goals, discipline, and structure. 
December 29th / 30th: (depending on your location)
Full Moon in Cancer ~ oof, this is such a good time to honor our hearts. How neat is it that we started 2020 with a full moon in cancer and wrapping up the year with a full moon in cancer?! Cancer rules the fourth house: This is our home, mom, family roots, self-care, our foundation, femininity. The feeling of safety might be linked to family roots, home, or self-care type activities (this could be things like gardening, painting, cooking, bathing). Cancer, a water sign, is very emotionally driven. Expect a lot of emotions to bubble up. Nurture + hold space for yourself. Lean into letting things go that may not emotionally serve you anymore. Forgive; forgive for YOU. Take these next two days to serve you and your needs -- what are ways you can hold space for yourself? What emotions are you holding onto that no longer serve you? Where can you soften during this strong Capricorn energy? What new self-care ritual can you implement into your life? 
- Sybianna 

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