February 2021 Forecast

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This month brings in some fun cosmic energy; an aquarius stellium (a stellium is whenever you have three or more planets in one sign or astrological house — themes, personalities are more apparent), we will still be dealing with mercury retrograde in aquarius until february 20th / 21st, saturn square uranus and so on.

february 1st — venus enters aquarius: the goddess of pleasure + beauty enters the eccentric aquarius today. expect a theme of individuality — more space + freedom. know that you don’t have to give up your freedom to open up and be vulnerable. be yourself, your electric and complete self during this time.

february 6th — venus square uranus: oof ~ this little transit has mercury retrogrades energy written all over it on this day. do you have some old hurts popping up? resentments? old past relationship (friendship or intimate) hurt? today is a good day to find a way to release that struggle + hurt. acknowledge it, but find a way to let it go.

february 11 / 12th — new moon in aquarius: this is the peak of the aquarius stellium — aka: this new moon energy in aquarius will be strong. new moons are typically a really good time for setting new intentions (new moon = new beginnings), but with mercury retrogrades energy…you may just want to chill this new moon.

february 17th — saturn squares uranus: this “little” 90-degree angle (some may have already started to feel the energy) will be causing a little stir for us. on february 17th saturn, the planet of discipline, authority and boundaries will be squaring (90-degree) uranus, the planet of change, rebellion, and freedom. whenever planets meet at a 90-degree angle, it creates tension and some chaos. uranus wants to break free and go with the flow, and saturn wants to control and set boundaries / rules. uranus is an awakening planet. saturn is about our karma.

as a collective: we may see a huge shift +change in traditions, breaking down old ways, and / or some form of revolution in matters of humanitarianism or in communities (maybe even capitalism?).

on a personal level: a theme in breaking free and changing up old ways / thoughts to set us up on a path that serves our higher selves. though squares can be scary + hard — allow this energy to shake you up + propel you into release old beliefs.

february 18th — sun enters pisces: water sign pisces — the very last sign of the zodiac. we might feel extra sensitive, emotional, and reflective between february 18th and march 20th. allow yourself to feel whatever emotion + feeling you have during this time — be open to the vulnerability and tears. dance it out.

february 20th — mercury goes direct: mercury finally goes direct today and will have a post-shadow until march 13th. mercury retrograde is always felt the strongest the day it stations (in this case — january 30th) and the day it goes direct (february 20th). hold space for yourself and others.

february 25th — venus enters pisces: venus in pisces will bring love, tenderness, affection, and romance. all the heart eyes during this time.

february 27th — full moon in virgo: the last full moon for the astrological year. we are called to let go of our own expectations towards how life should look like and be more open to the beautiful imperfections. todays energy will help us organize and declutter the things that no longer serve us. full moons are for releasing, cleansing, and removing what no longer serves you. where is the full moon in your chart? what are you being asked to release + cleanse?

** stellium in aquarius ** from the end of january throughout most of february, we will have a stellium in aquarius — mercury, venus, jupiter, and saturn. we also have the sun in aquarius + mid february we will have the moon in aquarius. stelliums are whenever there are three or more planets in one sign and / or house — the energy will be filled with each individual planets unique energy + whatever energy house it is in (themes, personalities, thoughts are more apparent during this time). aquarius are known to rule technology, innovations, change, humanitarian things, social groups, the collective — planet rules are (traditional) saturn and (modern) uranus; saturn being the planet of boundaries, rules, control, and restrictions + uranus being an awakening planet filled change, rebellion.

this cosmic energy will push our minds to expand and work — we may push ourselves into new creative ideas + thoughts. as a collective (society) we might see a lot of themes / change around social justice, technological advances, innovations. we might possibly feel this stellium energy in our personal lives / chart (depending there the stellium is in your chart). go with the flow and be open. we will be working with mercury retrograde during this time (and mercury rules our thoughts), so things might seem foggy or confusing — be patient.

- Sybianna Miller 



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