January 2021 Forecast

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We are entering a 6 Universal month in a 5 Universal year: The annual numerology changes from 4 to 5 (2+0+2+1=5) this year. This year you will find plenty of moments + opportunity for growth in unconditional love and self-care. For some, this might take stepping out of ourselves + comfort zones to experience these types of feelings, moments, experiences, and / or doings. Allow number 6 (in numerology this number represents support, nurture, healing components, the ability for compassion + empathy, and bright light) to guide you into this new journey. Take it one day at a time, move slowly, relish + bask in unconditional love for yourself + others, hold space for yourself, and allow room for self-care. 
Tarot card of the year (year 5) — The Hierophant: Traditional values, conventional, sharing knowledge, commitment. 
Those are some words to describe The Hierophant. The Hierophant is card number 5 in the tarot deck — so with this deck, just like the universal year number, expect challenges + growth. This is an earthy card (associated with Taurus) — allow this card to help ground you during this airy year (the year of Aquarius). 
There will be challenges and opportunity for growth this year, but rather than falling back into old ways + patterns...find ways to establish new routines and asking for help + guidance. 
As a collective, there might be an increase in spiritual renewal. We will want to learn from those we take guidance from + our leaders. Hold those that have more power accountable for their actions and words. 
Again, this year will have it’s challenges — allow the energy of The Hierophant to guide + push you through. Allow yourself to be challenged and embrace growth in all areas of life. 
January 1st — Mercury sextile Neptune: This particular transit is a positive time for business related ventures; launching that new project + idea, launching that new website, releasing that book, sales, and / or for anything type of business marketing. This transit will happen three times this year (January 1, April 29, and December 26). This transit exudes creativity. Allow music to inspire you, take notes on those “aha” moments, give space for yourself to dream the dreamiest dreams. Plant seeds today. 
January 6th — Mars enters Taurus: Mars pushes through and enters Taurus on January 6th through March 3rd. This energy will nudge us to sift through what has us feeling secure and what routines we should stick with. During this time, avoid being too stubborn + possessive. 
January 8th — Mercury enters Aquarius: Mercury (the messenger of the Gods + ruler of communication) enters eccentric Aquarius January 8th through March 15th. During this time, connect with the things that light a fire under you and pushes you to make a difference in the world that surrounds you. Aquarius energy has humanitarian + rebellion vibes. That cause + charity you are passionate about  — get to work and share your thoughts + ideas with your network / people. 
January 8th — Venus enters Capricorn: The beautiful + harmonious Venus enters discipline + practical Capricorn on January 8th and stays through February 1st. Venus in Capricorn will have us feeling a little bit more cautious with love + money. Venus in Capricorn wants stability, known commitment, and ambition. 
January 12th + 13th — New Moon in Capricorn: Depending on where you are located, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn either January 12th or 13th. This is our first New Moon in 2021. New Moons are a perfect opportunity to set intentions + plant seeds. Capricorns like stability, boundaries, consistency, and routines — what are some ways you can establish a new routine that will set you up for success in your life + goals. How we start our mornings sets the tone for the rest of our day. Today, during this earthy new moon, write down was your like to start your day, add a new ritual, or set boundaries that will help you flourish in all parts of your life. 
January 19th — Sun enters Aquarius: We have entered Aquarius season from January 19th all the way through February 18th. Innovation. Change. Rebellion. Allow space to experience the unexpected during this time. 
January 28th — Full Moon in Leo + Sun conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius: Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will expand everything around you (on both spectrums of good and bad). Saturn, the planet of law, discipline, and restrictions, will be there to help guide us when needing to place boundaries + discipline. 
Full Moon energy displays endings + completions. Look in your chart and see where there is closure for this Full Moon in Leo. Expect and embrace a lot of self expression, be proud of your accomplishments, get inspired and create something during this time. 
January 30th — Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: Our first Mercury Retrograde of the year, and this year will be a little difference since they will all be entering in air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra). During this time, expect the unexpected: errors in technology, maybe even delays for flights or emails, phone + computer issues. Aquarius rules all things in the technology field, and Mercury rules communication. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius will really be shaking things up for us. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP — back up those computers and phones. This is the time to really take Mercury Retrograde seriously, lol. 
Look in your chart to find where Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius is hanging out. Mercury Retrograde is also a wonder time to reflect, revise, rearrange, all the re’s. Knowing where this retrograde is in your chart will help you figure out what you may need to reflect on, or maybe you are already feeling that energy around this time and knowing + confirming it will help you. 
- Sybianna 

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