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Cosmic babes -- we are turning the corner in feeling sluggish, mixed feelings, and confusion / feeling foggy. We might still be feeling the heavy energies surrounding us from Eclipse season, but tensions should be lightening up soon. 

This month (about mid-month) we will be aligned with some yummy / beautiful energy. We work with the softness of Cancer season at the beginning of July and then enter the fiery Lion -- Leo season. This month has a mix of finding time to nourish ourselves, love ourselves, and finding "home" within ourselves while also playing with our more extroverted side, feeling more creative, freeing, and eclectic. 

July 3rd - Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus: this transit will bring on unexpected events, tension, and impulsive behavior. Be careful with your tongue -- words leave marks.

July 9th - New Moon in Cancer @ 8:16PM CST: The moon is home and is the first new moon after eclipse season. We are renewed. A good time to align with yourself; feel at home with yourself. Find ways to nourish your body, soul, and mind. 

July 11th - Mercury in Cancer @ 3:35PM CST: A time for emotional intelligence. During this transit we will feel and be softer, more thoughtful, and sensitive in our speech and words. Lean into your intuition and trust your words. Be careful to not become too reserved and hard (a crabby outer shell), and try to be a bit more vulnerable with our thoughts + emotions. 

July 12th - Mercury trine Jupiter: This transit is beautiful, yummy, and rewarding. This is either a good time to set some goals, or maybe you are finally being rewarded for your hard work and those manifestations / goals you set out. 

July 13th - Venus conjuncts Mars in Leo: REJOICE and watch the fireworks *boom* today. The cosmic lovers unite - aka: feminine and masculine energy meet. This is where spontaneity and pleasure meet. Lean into this yummy energy -- do something spontaneous, or maybe find out what pleasure means to you. 

July 17th - Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn: A time for ugly truths to be exposed today -- we may feel heavy, powerless, and / or confused. This transit is a good time to sit with ourselves, go inward, and overcome our inner struggle / obstacles. This is a very personal time; a time for healing + growth. 

July 21st - Venus enters Virgo @ 7:36PM CST: Venus is in fall (feels weak / uncomfortable) when it enters Virgo. During this transit / placement we may lean into critical energy. We might be hyper focused on our status, material things, relationship + relationship status, and things that we see value / are of value to us. Find the boundary between loving ourselves without all the "things" and loving the "things" without the attachment. 

July 22nd - Sun enters Leo: We are stepping out of the watery ocean of deep thoughts + emotions and into the rays of the sun. We have entered Leo season -- a time to feel a bit more dramatic, extroverted, creative, and magnetic. Take those extra selfies, be a flashlight and light up those around you (and yourself), get creative and dramatic. 

July 23rd - Full Moon in Aquarius: This is the first Full Moon in Aquarius (we will experience two Full Moon in Aquarius this year -- back to back). This is a good time to step out of your comfort-zone and try the thing that you may have been wanting to try. Aquarius energy is all about transformation, freedom, radical expression, and creativity. Use this energy during this Full Moon and release whatever no longer serves you. Set the tone you are wanting to illuminate during next month's Full Moon in Aquarius. 

July 27th - Mercury enters Leo: Fiery communication. This is a great time to use our words to motivate and lead. We are firm and fiery during this time, but be careful to not be too aggressive or harsh. Lean into your authentic self, and be careful to not be too boastful or arrogant. 

July 28th Jupiter Retrogrades in Aquarius: Jupiter leaves Pisces (has been in it since June 20th) and enters eclectic / radical Aquarius. Not only is Aquarius energy all about freedom, being radical + eclectic, and transformative -- it is also about our community and those we surround ourselves with. We will be asked to rethink those we have in our corner and who we have in our community. 

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