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Hey my cosmic loves ~ how are we feeling? Are you feeling restless, foggy, tired? Is Eclipse season doing a number on you? What about those retrogrades? The month of June is jam packed with a lot of cosmo energy -- Eclipses + more planets going retrograde, and Mercury will finally go direct. We are also going to enter Cancer season mid month. 
It's a lot, but it's okay. This is a good time to slow down, go within, redirect and recharge (especially before we enter fiery + bold Leo season). Take this time to nurture you and work on whatever came into fruition with whatever seeds you may have planted. 
We have some rare transits and the energy may feel bogged down + foggy, but we can push through it with hard work, patience, and love. 

June 2nd -- Venus enters Cancer: Venus enters soft, vulnerable, and nurturing Cancer. The energy around this time will feel flowy, whimsical, and romantic. Make sure you are taking care of yourself the same way you take care and nurture others. We may feel extra sensitive around this time. 
June 5th -- Mars in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn: Mars and Pluto are very similar; Mars has a lot of action, fiery energy and Pluto has this subtle action energy. These planetary transits want the same thing -- healing. Mars + Pluto = action healing. Mars wants to GO GO GO, and Pluto is ready to dig deep and unpack. We may feel some form of sensitivity around this time, but use this energy to work on healing. Don't be surprised if you are triggered or trauma resurfaces under this aspect; slow down, go inward, and unpack what needs to be unpacked + healed. 
June 10th -- New Moon Eclipse in Gemini: This New Moon is an Eclipse, and this eclipse represents new beginnings + opportunities. This particular New Moon is in Gemini, and Gemini represents communication, adaptability, learning. Remember, words hold so much power -- what we speak out to the world + speak to ourselves hold a lot of weight. When writing down your intentions -- speak them out; loud and clear. Mercury will be retrograde during this time. Be patient and understand that there might be some friction. It's okay -- find ways to adapt to it. There is so much power to be felt during this time. 
June 11th -- Mars enters Leo: Mars enters fiery Leo today. BOLD BOLD BOLD. This energy is playful, creative, and confident. Let Mars in Leo push out of your comfort zone to shine and share with others who you are / can be. Have you been feeling sleepy lately? Especially after two eclipses? Mars will spice things up and wake us up from that slumber. 
June 13th -- Sun squares Neptune: Energy is foggy + confusing. We are also working with Mercury Retrograde. So our mind may seem a bit more chaotic than usual. This isn't the time to start anything. This is the time to take a pause and regroup and go within. Slow down. 
June 14th -- Saturn RX in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus: This won't be the last time we will see this planetary aspect. We will run into this major aspect again in December. We are being asked to push through the boundaries or blockades that have been set out. As a collective, we will be unpacking authority vs. freedom. As individuals, we might be thinking about more concrete ideas and how it will grow. 
June 20th -- Jupiter enters RX + Cancer Season: Another planet has entered retrograde -- this will be the fourth planet that is retrograde (Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and now Jupiter). Retrogrades are a good time to really slow down, go within, and take time with ourselves and our needs. Jupiter RX wants us to slow down and examine our goals, wishes, beliefs. Where can we release? Where can we expand? Where are we limiting ourselves? The sun will also be entering Cancer later in the evening. Cancer energy is all about nurturing and protecting. This will be a good time to withdraw + recharge ourselves. It's okay to feel sensitive and feel a need to retreat. 
June 22nd -- Mercury goes direct: Mercury will go direct today after being retrograde since May 29th. Please know, retrogrades are heavier / more potent during the pre and post shadow. So you might still feel foggy or bogged down -- be patient, you will start to feel a release soon. 
June 24th -- Super Full Moon in Capricorn: We might feel foggy + chaotic energy around this time. Capricorn energy is stern and ready to make moves, but it is also earthy + grounding. This is a good opportunity to use this particular Full Moon's energy to tie up loose ends on old projects so you are ready and clear to start up something new. Lean into the earthy Capricorn energy to help ground you when or if you start to feel scattered brain or uneasy. 
June 25h -- Neptune enters RX: Neptune will enter retrograde today -- Neptune plays with illusions, dreams, the veil. During this time, Neptune will push us to go inward and peel back + break down whatever illusions we may place on others and / or things. Neptune RX in Pisces will trigger us to lean in and be more open to trusting our intuition -- possibly strengthening it. 
Venus enters Leo: Venus enters fiery + bold Leo. Venus, the planet of love, wants us to embrace our power and beauty. Feel the passion and boldness. This is a good time to be playful + creative with what makes us feel good. Wear the bold colors. Have fun. Love your skin. 
~ Sybianna 
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