March Astro Report

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hey my cosmic loves + happy new month on a monday (again) + happy pisces season (cue all the feels). i’m hoping that everyone has had a somewhat [enjoyable] first two months of 2021, or at least as enjoyable as they can / are allowed to have. i know we are still in a pandemic and life is still crazy / confusing. with that said — this month is packed with some yummy magical transits + the astrological new year (you know those intentions you set in the new year? you can set them again).

march 3rd — mars enters gemini: fiery mars enters all the ideas gemini for a good six-is weeks — aka: be prepared restlessness, one idea after another but no seeds being planted just yet (or maybe one will stick), splash in some irritability. stay open. stay flexible.

march 4th — mercury in aquarius conjuncts jupiter in aquarius: a good time to brainstorm those ideas + thoughts.

march 10th — sun + neptune conjunct in pisces: oof — dreamy. use this magical yumminess for something creative and / or form of connection with yourself and your should. find a comfy spot in your home (or outside) and meditate + connect. pen to paper all your dreamy ideas.

march 13th — new moon in pisces + venus in pisces conjuncts neptune in pisces: expect to feel all the feels today (and possibly 2 days before + 2 days after the new moon energy). new moon in pisces will have us feeling [extra] sensitive and in our feels. allow what needs to come in — come in. feel what you need to feel + journal it out. allow this new moon in pisces to be healing. we are also playing with venus in pisces conducting neptune in pisces energy — allow dreamy inspirations to come in.

march 15th — mercury in pisces: rational / logical + adaptable mercury will be entering sensitive + dreamy pisces today (and for the next three week-ish). except communication to be a bit more on the sensitive side. find ways to express yourself on the more creative + vulnerable side.

march 20th — sun enters aries + astrological new year + spring equinox: happy astrological new year my cosmic babes! the sun enters aries today. the energy for the next several weeks will be spontaneous, exciting, and enthusiastic. those projects (new and / or old) have been wanting to start — start them. aries is the first sign of the astrological new year — they are leaders. use that leader energy for the things you are want to strive for or start. it’s also the spring equinox (ostara / vernal equinox — will write something up about this on another date) + astrological new year — set some intentions + celebrate the renewal and new beginnings (again, will post something about what you need /should do on this date).

march 21st — venus enters aries: the beautiful + romantic venus enters the oh so passionate, impulsive, and fiery aries today. love will be grand + big. love will be filled to the brim with passion, but be careful — don’t allow the passion and impulsivity be too demanding.

march 23rd — mercury in pisces square mars in gemini: stay calm + careful. go inward and take your time in when communicating with others. this is a sensitive time + transit.

march 28th — full moon in libra: a good time for balance + harmony. the full moon in libra gives us space lay out the pros and cons to things, what serves us, and what we need before making a choice or pulling a plug on things.


- Sybianna Miller 


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