May Astrology Forecast

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hello cosmic babes — i hope that taurus season has been kind, nourishing, and filled with all the luxury + snacks + naps.

may is a potent filled month — we have an eclipse this month, pleiades portal will be opening, saturn will go retrograde, mercury will go retrograde, and jupiter enters pisces for the first time in 12 years. there will be a lot of transits cracking us open to look within so we can heal old wounds, love ourselves, communicate the things we want in life + need. there is a lot of beautiful change about to happen — embrace it. find new ways to find joy, love, happiness this month.

may 2nd — mercury in taurus trine pluto in capricorn + venus in taurus sextile neptune in pisces: this mercury / pluto aspect supports an easy and natural communication — even when the conversations seem hard + uncomfortable. now is the time to allow whatever needs to bubble up — surface up and be talked about. it’s a healing time. let the hidden truths expose themselves, and allow yourself to grow + evolve through the healing / communication process. the energy of venus / neptune are looming around, too. sensitivity might be increased right now — lean into that. this is also a good time to get creative, dance around to the music you love, connect with friends + family.

may 3rd — mercury enters gemini @ 10:49pm + sun in taurus squares saturn in aquarius: mercury is now home in gemini — ruling sign. communication will be easy and will flow. we are going to want to share our thoughts to those around us — they will be flighty, airy, and filled with knowledge. mercury will go retrograde at the end of the month — start prepping. the sun and saturn will have us a slow down a bit — pushing us to examine our goals and forcing us to ask if they align with us and our needs.

may 5th — 555 day: today is an extra special day — 2021 is a number 5 year in numerology, making the 5th day of the 5th month a little bit more magical. the angel number 555 means change, creativity, and joy.

may 6th — venus in taurus trine pluto in capricorn: a good time to allow deep conversations to emerge — to connect with being a little more vulnerable and authentic with yourself + others. tap into your self-worth and sit with what your values are. dig into those really deep fears and share them — you don’t have to be alone.

may 8th — venus enters gemini @ 10:01pm: venus moves out of her ruling sign, taurus, and now enters airy gemini. communication might be a little lighter and fun. stay curious. speak up — share your love, your values with others. this could also be a lucrative time, too.

may 11th — new moon in taurus @ 2:59pm: this new moon in taurus will bring in a low of power magic — it will be setting us up for eclipse season. this is a yummy time to look within and sift through manifesting desires. this new moon will be greeted with other transits that will uplift it into it’s magic.

may 12th — mercury in gemini trines saturn in aquarius: this mercury / saturn combo is the perfect time to sit with out thoughts and unpack our visions + goals. anything you want to bring into fruition — today is a good day to sign those papers, plan, and manifest. use this energy — do the work.

may 13th — jupiter enters pisces @ 6:35pm + sun in taurus sextile neptune in pisces: the planet of luck enters pisces (traditional ruler) — expansion and growth will happen in a very spiritual way until july 28th. jupiter feels at home in pisces — it’s cozy, dreamy, gives abundantly, encourages our positive thoughts. this is another aspect for creativity, the arts, music, poetry, writing, dancing. we will also be working with the sun / neptune — the sun shines a big light on neptune: opening up our intuition. another sensitive time — sit and take time for you.

may 14th: mercury enters shadow period: mercury will start to slow down a bit today until it enters full retrograde. a lot (maybe some) will start to feel effects of mercury being in its shadow. remember, there is nothing to fear when it comes to mercury retrograde. mercury retrograde is a good time to slow down a bit to go within and reflect.

may 18th — venus in gemini sextile chiron in aries: give yourself some grace today. a lot might come up around self-worth, love, money, values. allow old wounds to heal — give it time.

may 20th — sun enters gemini 3:37pm: the sun enters gemini @ 3:37pm today — we are closing out on spring and slowly entering summer. gemini is ruled by air — communication and thoughts will be the main focus. get your thoughts, your ideas, your manifestations out on paper — do the damn thing.

may 23rd — saturn retrograde: saturn will enter retrograde today — we will now have pluto and saturn in retrograde (and mercury at the end of the month). the last time saturn was in retrograde was back in december for the great conjunction. take a look back at the themes, thoughts, lists that were put into play around that time — you might start to see those things pop up.

may 26th — blood moon full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius: this is a very powerful cosmic energy — some might feel it a few days before and days after. this energy will be strong and it will bring change — tying up loose ends, endings, important news might pop up. this will be a heavy and powerful time — be gentle with yourself. hold space.

may 29th — mercury retrograde: mercury enters retrograde in gemini — this is the third planet that will be in retrograde. this is a good time to slow down and retreat — a good time to check in. will communications be wonky? yes. will there be mixed signals, technology acting crazy, maybe being misunderstood? yes. in that sense, life might be a bit chaotic. be prepared. be ready. outside of that — take time for yourself and reevaluate, retreat, and sit with the things that might be asking you to look over + slow down in your chart. where is mercury retrograde in your chart right now? surrender and heal.


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