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Happy SPOOKY SEASON babes *enter Winifred Sanderson laugh* 
This month is a big month in the cosmic universe: we currently have 6 planets that are in retrograde that will turn into 2 planets that will stay retrograde
For the next several weeks -- Mars in Libra will conjunct the sun. Mars, the planet of action, aggression, ambition, and drive will be highly influencing + energetic. With this transit starting during Libra season -- think of the scales; a balancing act. 
We have a beautiful New Moon in Libra at the beginning of October, and a transformative + energetic Full Moon on the 20th. We enter my favorite season mid-month: SCORPIO SEASON (solar return month), and Halloween pops up at the end of the month. 
So much cosmo magic sprinkled throughout the month of October. 
October 1st -- Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn: 
As always, we should be very mindful with the words we choose to speak out or communicate with others. This transit can bubble up some hostility. Find some common ground and allow space before something turns heated or mean. 
October 3rd -- Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius: 
A time to see things more clearly; an expansion in our thoughts, our dreams, our goals. 
October 6th -- New Moon in Libra + Pluto direct:
Happy New Moon in Libra (and Pluto direct) loves. Today we have a lot of beautiful cosmic energy surrounding us, in fact, we call it a stellium (Mars, Mercury, the sun, and moon all in Libra). A stellium is a very strong energetic force. With it all being in Libra -- the energy around balance is really strong; rebalancing. 
With Pluto going direct, we might possibly look inward and sift through all the rebirths we have done. The importance of them. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld; the planet of death + rebirth. What have you allowed to die in order to plant something new? 
October 7th -- Venus enters Sagittarius: 
A time for our hearts to explore and seek adventure. Have fun these next few weeks. Allow yourself to be free-spirited and fun during this time; no strings attached. 
October 8th -- Mars in Libra conjuncts Sun in Libra:
For the next few weeks we will feel a strong energetic pull between Mars in Libra and Sun in Libra. This energy will feel equally motivated and frustrating; a little driven and restless. We need to be careful with not doing so much that we end up frustrated and restless; burnt out. Allow yourself to use this energetic force to push you into the goals and dreams you want to achieve; to find the balance between doing the hard work and allowing a reset. Be careful with your words and actions around this time -- we might feel extra triggered. 
October 9th -- Mercury RX in Libra conjunct Sun in Libra:
The sun flashes its bright light and highlights over Mercury Retrograde; listen to your intuition. Whenever we deal with Mercury Retrograde, we deal with energy that uncovers certain truths. Look for the signs and trust your gut. 
October 10th -- Saturn Direct:
Whenever a planet goes retrograde we are asked to go within our hearts and look inward. So when Saturn goes retrograde, we are asked to look into the past to grow and learn lessons that may have been overlooked. Now that Saturn has gone direct -- the energy pushes us forward with a newfound look at the present and newly placed boundaries. 
October 13th -- Venus in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius: 
We're still having a fun + exciting time. Venus in Sagittarius has been an enjoyable energy these past few days and will continue to shine some exciting energy.
October 15th -- Sun in Libra trine Jupiter RX in Aquarius: 
The expansion. The brightness. This is a good time to learn something new, to form connections with new and / or old friends. This is a fun time. 
October 17th -- Jupiter Direct: 
With Jupiter Retrograde the past few months, we have been asked to re-evaluate our belief systems and our truths. With Jupiter going direct today -- we either stand stronger in certain beliefs, or maybe we shed ones that no longer serve us or cause us to go out of alignment. 
October 18th -- Mercury Direct: 
Mercury has been in retrograde since the last week of September; a lot of inward thinking + communication since Mercury rules all things communicative. Today Mercury will enter its shadow period for the next few weeks. So even though we are feeling the disconnect from Mercury RX, we will still feel it's energy throughout the next 2 weeks. Take this time to settle in, and be sure to give yourself some grace and time. Sometimes the shadow period and feel a bit more intense vs. the actual stationed period. During Mercury RX we might have really dug deep into our subconscious and unraveled + allowed things to surface up for us to think about, work through, or answer. Now we move forward and use the tools we have learned or picked up on the way. 
October 20th -- Full Moon in Aries t-square Pluto:
This Full Moon enters the first sign of the zodiac + we are working with other planets that are energetically active. During this Full Moon in Aries, we are working with both Pluto and Mars. Mars, being the planet of action, ambition, and drive will work with Pluto, the planet of the underworld, rebirth, and death. Mars rules over Aries. The energy around this will be activating, motivating, and energetic. Not only are we working with these certain cosmo bodies -- we are working with the Sun in Libra (Libra and Aries are polarities). 
We have Pluto's transformative energy, Mars motivating + ambitious drive, and sun in Libra's balancing scales; unearthing what needs to be closure, endings, attention, or a rebirth. This Full Moon in Aries is very powerful and we should really take this energy + use it. 
October 23rd -- Sun enters Scorpio:
Happy Scorpio Season sweets -- aka: my season. For the next few weeks the Sun will be in the mysterious, emotional, powerful, "I need a rebirth," sign Scorpio. Scorpio rules the house of rebirth, death, the underworld, our debts, and shared finances. During this season, our energy will feel transformative, we'll shed our skins like snakes, and will give ourselves space to find some form of rebirth / renewal. 
October 26th -- Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces:
Our hearts might feel a bit conflicted and confused around this time. Neptune, the planet of dreams, daydreams, idealism, imagination. We might hear or feel things that aren't true. Be gentle with yourself today. 
October 28th -- Venus in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius:
Our sense of adventure might be heightened around this time; we might want to explore new things or new areas. Have fun with this transit. Venus in Sag loves to play, and Aquarius is all about expanding our knowledge and exploring. Allow for this time to unfold things you may have not tried exploring or tending to. 
October 30th -- Mars enters Scorpio:
Mars enters the secretive + mysterious Scorpio today. Scorpio's are all about unearthing, digging deep into our subconsciousness, searching for our deepest desires. Mars will have us acting a bit secretive, a little obsessive, maybe paranoid but it will also drive us to dig deeper into what our soul yearns for. The things we keep hidden; locked up. 
This holiday celebrates and highlights our rebirths, our deepest and "darkest" desires, the taboo things we lock up. CELEBRATE. 

- Sybianna 
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