September Astro Forecast

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Happy September Cosmic babes -- we have another energy filled month. We are still in this Earthy vibes but by mid-month we will enter Airy Libra. 
We have a beautiful grounding new moon, Venus enters Scorpio this month, Fall Equinox, a Grand Trine, and another planet enters retrograde -- Mercury Retrograde. 
Stay patient, take things slow, take deep breaths, and take action behind all the things you manifest + goal setting. 
September 2nd -- Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces: 
September 4th -- Mercury in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius: Mercury + Saturn's energy is a good time to plan and organize things, manifest, and / or write down some long-term goals. 
September 6th -- New Moon in Virgo: The New Moon will enter Virgo at 7:50PM CST. This New Moon is earthy and grounded -- a moon + energy that shows us how we need to put in the work to achieve the goals we set. This is another perfect opportunity to manifest and set goals. 
September 10th -- Venus enters Scorpio: Venus does not feel comfortable and snug in Scorpio. Venus the planet of love and romance flips it switch in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio needs to work a little harder, and if you are willing to put the time and energy into it -- it can work with you. If you can lean in and work with it, you can work on deepening and healing your past and current relationships. If you avoid -- you can become obsessive, jealous, moody, and secretive. 
September 14th -- Mars enters Libra: the planet of action enters the sign of balance -- combine these two and you get pushed to be productive and assertive + placing a balance to not burnout. A time to weigh out your options and place action behind it. 
September 20th -- Full Moon in Pisces @ 6:24PM CST: a dreamy sensitive time -- the earthy sun of Virgo grounds the "in the clouds" Piscean energy. Virgo is all about service and Pisces is all about within / solitude. Finding the balance between serving others without sacrificing our needs or boundaries. 
September 22nd -- Sun enters Libra: the energy shifts from the independence of Virgo to the one-on-one relationship of Libra. Libra season will focus on our relationships; the balance of giving and receiving, harmony, and justice. 
September 25th -- Mars in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius: this energy brings in alot of courage and ambition -- this will give you all the action and punch to achieve goals. 
September 26th -- GRAND TRINE (Moon in Gemini, Mars + the sun in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius): this energy, all being in air signs, gives us space to want to learn, expand, and curiosity.
September 26th -- Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Mercury the planet of communication enters the sign of balance, relationships, and equality -- Libra. Whenever Mercury enters retrograde and pushes us to go inward and has a tendency to bubble up past events, conversations, or things we may have not paid attention to in our past. Mercury Retrograde should not be feared -- it gives us space to really go inside and work on the things that we may have shoved aside. 

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