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January 2021 Forecast

Posted by Jill McJunkins on

January 2021 Forecast
We are entering a 6 Universal month in a 5 Universal year: 
The annual numerology changes from 4 to 5 (2+0+2+1=5) this year. This year you will find plenty of moments + opportunity for growth in unconditional love and self-care. For some, this might take stepping out of ourselves + comfort zones to experience these types of feelings, moments, experiences, and / or doings. Allow number 6 (in numerology this number represents support, nurture, healing components, the ability for compassion + empathy, and bright light) to guide you into this new journey. Take it one day at a time, move slowly, relish + bask in unconditional love for yourself + others, hold space for yourself, and allow room for self-care. 

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