Three Card Reading for April 18 - 24

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There is a powerful astrological event from April 19 – May 3 called the Taurus Stellium, which means a “concentrated energy”. We'll all feel it one way or the other in our lives. Things could be shaking up personally and globally. It will be inspiring an urge for greater personal freedoms that are also balanced with social responsibility. That is on the positive side of course. We'll keep our eye on actions from various governments.


Ace of Wands

King of Swords

High Priestess


This weeks spread is definitely giving us the chance to embrace the positive side of this concentrated energy!

Ace of Wands


This is about exciting new inspirations, opportunities, passions and idea's being offered on the energetic plane. It definitely is a big YES card to moving forward with something. There has been a need for change with this card. You might have to make a snap decision. This could even be starting a whole new cycle in your life and it is urging us to accept a challenge!


King of Swords


The king can be used as a good balance for the ace of wands. He is the stern ruler telling us to measure things carefully using logic and facts. He is telling us to get all the information, be organized and be sure to be honest and ethical. He is about discipline and evaluation. On a bigger scale, this card can also relate to law and order and military actions.

The High Priestess


How do we combine energies and maneuver between the ace of wands and the King of swords?

We accept the High Priestess by going inside ourselves and usin our intuition and inner guidance to find the deeper spiritual purpose or significance. Maybe ask for advice from someone you consider wise or from a counselor. Meditate on the situation. There could be hidden motivations and influences at work. Be patient. Perhaps keep your new opportunity a little private for the time being, while you're digging for more knowledge and awareness. Try to find the balance in the opportunity or situation, as you let it lead you to spiritual growth.



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