Three Card Reading for April 25 – May 1

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Queen of Pentacles Rx

The Devil

The Seven of Wands



Queen of Pentacles Rx


There could be feelings of helplessness and a deep longing for security. Pay more attention to taking care of yourself – your body, your home and your resources. Try not to swing from one extreme to another. And don't underestimate your values and your skills. Find ways to bolster your self-esteem by talking with friends and loved ones, practicing meditation or watching a movie or TV show that makes you feel good. Treat yourself with kindness and tenderness and be around people who do the same.



The Devil


Perhaps we're feeling like the Queen of Pentacles Rx because of all the fear and lies and pessimism in the air, or in us. This card can indicate violence and abuse of power. Generally, it is about what is against our best interest. It is also about our own shadow sides coming out and our need to pay attention with honesty. Rather than acting out negatively towards others, we need to rise to our better selves, the better angels of our nature. Focus on self-love. This is also a card of humor. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves and at certain situations in order to let go and relax.



Seven of Wands


The seven of wands is a card of being tested and being successful in the end. It tells us that we need to summon our “best stuff”- our courage, perseverance and strength to overcome any obstacles this week. And that we are equipped to do just that. If we are being challenged from without and/or within, we can handle it by being persistent and doing the hard work necessary. We might be tested, but we will triumph if we are determined and hold our own. We'll be ok. We've got this! Breathe in, breathe out...



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