Three Card Collective Reading for March 21st - 27th

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There are some energies continuing from last week into the early part of this week. But then we get a fresh new energy blowing in.


The King of Swords Rx


This energy brings a lot of unreasonable, unfocused or illogical people our way. Or maybe we're tending to be like that ourselves. Things just aren't making sense. Be careful in any legal matters as you could be dealing with some unscrupulous characters. We could all have a tendency to be unfeeling or unsympathetic. The world may show itself to be more unjust and corrupt than we were aware. There could be more protests or militant actions. Watch out for and be aware of anger coming out of nowhere. This could be your own, or from others.


The Ace of Cups


A wonderful, new flow of energy comes in bringing new opportunities on a relational, emotional and psychic level. You could be filled with new insights and new creativity. There is the opening for a new level of emotional contact – with yourself and with others. It can be the start of a new relationship or friendship. This can be the onset of an intense period of inner growth. Your imagination could be more active and you could have more dreams and intuitions. Try to spend a little more time around water this week including more baths.


The Fool Rx


This is about our best course of action in working with these energies. Don't rush into anything is the main counsel here. Take time to consider and don't jump ahead into making new decisions or conclusions. Don't take big risks. Go a little slower, but remain open to the possibilities. So, with all of that wonderful, new emotional energy streaming in-sit down and absorb it, think about it, but don't necessarily act on it yet. Be a little more practical and look at all your options. Make sure that you attend to your responsibilities and don't get lost in a dreamy state. If we can find a quieter, more serene space, with the wonderful energy from the Ace of Cups-we'll be able to see and feel the magic in the everyday more easily.


Have a wonderful week!


Blessings and Love,


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