Three card reading on the collective energies for 3/14-3/20

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Three reversals! This is definitely a week for looking within and facing some fears if need be. 

The first two cards give us the energy of the week and the third card helps us to navigate our way through.


Three of Pentacles Rx


You may experience some job related problems or issues. Support could be lacking. Or you may struggle to find some new and creative ideas. On a larger level, this can relate to collaborations or conspiracies undermining things. This card is very powerful at magical and shamanic levels.

Look inward. Work with your unconscious, track your dreams, connect more with you guides, teachers and ancestors. There is support for you there.


Nine of Swords Rx


This card relates very strongly with the three of pentacles Rx. It's about soul-searching, exploring some shadow work and perhaps facing some fears. Anxieties and suspicions could come to light and be warranted on a personal or a larger level. Or you could be coming out of a depression or facing some inner wounding. It's one of the major inner work cards, but can also bring a sense of relief and light at the end of the tunnel.


Six of Cups Rx - How to navigate our way through


Cups are about our emotions and our feelings. This energy will help us to not deny or force them down as we wind our way through this week. Try not to cling to old ideas or ways. Be willing to work on releasing your old patterns of thought, behavior and emotion. Be open to embrace new challenges, insights and wisdom. Keep your focus on releasing the old and then, on the regeneration that is coming.

We are in the process of moving into the 5th Dimension. Focus on creating your new life and your new world from a feeling of love and unity consciousness.

It's a powerful week to help birth the New Earth!


Blessings and Love,


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