Pendulum Color Wheel Bath Kit

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This color bath includes 10 baths made from natural fruit and vegetable pigments, mica pigments and epsom salt. It contains a booklet of info with each color meaning and a meditation, notes on use, a pendulum and pendulum wheel to help you channel the color you need for healing. These are to be used in full for each color and you may add drops of the gem essence oil according to color/ chakra and use needed.

DISCLAIMER: Although these are natural pigments Moon Nectar is not responsible for color deposits in tub. I have had no issues with stains in my own tub and it can be cleaned easily. The color likes to attach to oils, so if your tub is dirty this may be a result.

Color is light and full spectrum light is essential to healing and human growth. Plants need sun to grow so that humans and animals alike can consume the nutrients to help our bodies stay healthy and aligned. The sun’s light contains a full spectrum of color from infrared, to middle tone neutral green and the opposite end, ultraviolet as well as all the colors in-between known as the rainbow. Color therapy dates back to Egyptian physicians as well as the greeks which were the first to have healing temples which contained rooms of which sunlight was broken up into spectral components to heal specific medical ailments. (each room a different color from the spectrum). The booklet offers insight into these colors, as well as other ways to utilize color in our food, clothing or color charged water.

RED: Beetroot, Tomato powder, strawberry powder, Natural mica pigment, epsom salt, Rose E.O.
ORANGE: Orange peel, Turmeric, Annato seed, Beetroot, Epsom salt, Tangerine E.O.
YELLOW: Turmeric, Orange peel, Natural mica pigment, Epsom salt, Ylang yang E.O.
GREEN: Spirulina, Natural mica pigment, Epsom salt, Cypress E.O.
BLUE: Blue spirulina, Natural mica pigment, Epsom salt, Frankincense E.O.
INDIGO: Hibiscus, Blue spirulina, Natural mica pigment, Epsom salt, Juniper berry E.O.
PURPLE: Butterfly pea flower, Natural mica pigment, Epsom salt, Lavender E.O.
MAGENTA: Dragonfruit powder, Cherry powder, Natural mica pigment, Epsom salt, Geranium E.O.
PINK: Cherry powder, Strawberry, Beetroot, Epsom salt, grapefruit E.O.
TURQUOISE: Kaolin clay, Spirulina, Epsom salt, Natural mica pigment, Sage E.O.

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