Ritual Candles

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7-day ritual candles dressed with an in-house blend of oils, herbs, and adorned with crystals. 

Spark with intention and ignite your magic. 





100% Paraffin wax 

Candle Ritual  || Light with intention and burn for 7 days straight. Dressed with herbs, oils, crystals, and Reiki charged to help your intentions along. This candle will yield the best results if your intentions are written out along with positive words and affirmations. You can use single words, specific affirmations, or write a letter to the universe. Place your intentions under the candle while it’s burning. Daily thoughts of gratitude and envisioning your intentions coming to fruition while walking by your candle will help charge it everyday. Meditating on your intentions is always encouraged. Although this candle is meant to be burned for 7-days straight. Should you chose to extinguish your candle and not leave it lit for the full 7- day period, please waft your flame or snuff it out, do not blow out your flame. Pay attention to the burn of your candle, the flame strength, and if any soot builds up on the glass. This will show you the strength and speed of your intentions or if another candle will need to be lit to achieve your goals. Once your candle is completely burned, wrap your empty glass in any leftover newspaper or brown kraft paper and dispose of it in a trash away from your space/home. Please practice proper candle safety and never leave your candle unattended. Place your candle on a heat safe surface or you can place it in a shallow bowl of water. Ignite your magic, may the universe be your guide.

*Please practice proper candle burning safety. Never leave your candle on a flammable surface or unattended.