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Mare | Skin Soothing Serum


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Step into the "The Sea of Tranquility." Mare, skin soothing serum made for problematic skin.

This super healing blend of Calendula + Sunflower oil is high in E, A, C, and D vitamins and helps to heal scar tissue and promote blood flow to skin cells to even skintone. Marshmallow root nourishes skin, reduces fine lines, and reduces inflammation. Blue Tansy is high in Azulene and gives Mare its blue green color. Blue Tansy works as a powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. Yarrow essential oil improves circulation and aids in calming problematic skin while reducing the appearance of redness and scars. Yarrow is also a great astringent and has excellent emollient properties which promote rapid cell turnover and reduces imperfections in skins texture. Lavender essential oil is a natural anti-bacterial, reduces inflammation, and calms skin. Tea tree essential oil best known for its antiseptic properties and penetrates the skins layers to unblock the sebaceous glands, disinfect pores and dry out blemishes. 1 oz

+Mare is infused with Labradorite which calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, protects the aura, assists in moving between the worlds, and bringing to this realm the creations which are for the highest good of all mankind.

How to use: Cleanse face throughly, pat dry, add a few drops of Mare to palm, warm with fingers and press into skin to smooth over face in a upward circular motion. This serum is meant as a night treatment but gentle enough to be used morning and night.

Ingredients: Calendula + Marshmallow Root + Rose Quartz + Labradorite infused Sunflower oil, Blue Tansy essential oil, Yarrow essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, and Magic.

*Sample limit 3 per customer*

+This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. No claims have been made or approved by the FDA. Please research all essential oils before using if pregnant or nursing. We suggest seeking professional medical advice if you feel necessary.+

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