Ritual Candles

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Spark intention and create scared ritual.
Handmade by Tiny Ritual

-The Healing Candle is used for intention setting around restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health.

-The Sacred Space Candle is used to set a sacred space for any practice.

-The Love Candle is for intention setting around attracting and inviting in love.

-The Abundance Candle is used for creating abundance in prosperity.

-The Home Candle is intended to bring home wherever you are.

-The Protection Candle is used for intention setting around boundaries and protection.

**Each candle contains a tiny Clear Quartz crystal at the bottom that is meant to be kept close to you once the candle has burned down to keep your intention alive. Directions are included in how to prepare for your ritual, to set your intention, as well as an original affirmation.

Madd form sustainably sourced beeswax