Where do you get your supplies and ingredients?

While I know how important it is to know where the things your putting on your body, breathing, in and submerging your beautiful vessels in come from. I consider this proprietary information.

Please rest assured that we source ethically made/harvested, Organic, non-toxic, and non GMO goods. As well as, all essential and fragrance oils are from reputable awarding winning company’s and are phthalate free.

Essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade, free of  synthetics and entirely pure. The company we work with is an eco-conscious company and uses sustainable practices whenever possible from soil to bottle. Luna + Quartz is not a distillery nor do we distill any plants in house. Herbs used in herbal infused oils are from a farm we work with in Oregon that grows pesticide free, Organic, and sustainable plants. While working to restore and sustain local eco-systems.


Do you do collabs or have an ambassador program?

While I appreciate so many of you reaching out and wanting to work with L+Q. The short answer to this is no. I’ve tried to do Instagram collabs in the past and it just hasn’t proven effective or lucrative for L+Q as a whole. Should any of this change or I can implement an ambassador program, I will make an announcement. Thank you for understanding! Xx


Are your products vegan and cruelty free? 

Luna + Quartz products are always cruelty free and all but The Healer are vegan. The Healer contains beeswax, which is ethically and locally sourced.


Do you donate? 

Yes! We donate to a variety of causes and charities monthly, where a portion of sales go directly to that cause. 

Is your White Sage & Palo Santo ethically sourced and are you aware both are endangered? 

YES and YES! As someone who works with plants daily, I am aware that both are endangered this is why I source ethically harvested goods and Palo Santo from trees that have not been cut down but have fallen of their own accord. If I can’t get it ethically, it won’t be purchased. 

Are the packing peanuts you use eco-friendly?

Yes! The peanuts we use are made from corn, are biodegradable, and dissolve in water. We actually save all peanuts from a vendor we work with to reuse in all our orders. This means we usually never have to buy packing peanuts. Woo! Reduce, reuse, recycle!